Behavior / Parenting

Behavior / Parenting Tips

Being a parent is not an easy job and there may be times when you need the advice of an expert. The following page provides tips and recommended resources for dealing with some of the more common childhood behavior and parenting issues. If you need additional assistance, please call our Patient Care Line to schedule an appointment or speak with one of our registered nurses. Depending on the issues you are dealing with, you may be asked to schedule an Initial Behavioral Assessment visit with one of our providers. 

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Developmental Milestones and Other Issues

A child's behavior goes through many changes and he or she develops and grows older.  Read about typical developmental milestones, on our Child Development page. Sometimes childhood behaviors may stem from more complex emotional, mental or attention issues. For information on ADHD, depression, anxiety and other emotional issues, please visit our ADHD and Emotional / Mental Health website pages.

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Are You Parenting a Pre-Teen or Teen?

Parenting during these important years can be especially challenging for parents. Learn more about parenting pre-teens and teens by visiting the resources on our Adolescent Health page.Topic covered include internet / technology safety, healthy sleep habits, serious teen issues such as drugs, alcohol, sexuality, and more.

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Positive Discipline A-Z Parenting Articles

Read excerpts licensed by Pediatric Web from the book Positive Discipline A-Z, by Jane Nelsen, Lynn Lott and H. Stephen Glenn. If you are interested in learning more about the book or authors, please visit Positive Discipline.

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Quick Parenting Tips

See the following links for short parenting tips written by our staff and Pediatric Web regarding common childhood behavior issues:

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Recommended Resources

Recommended Books

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Social Interaction & Bullying
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