Traveling with Young Children

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These "Quick Parenting Tips" have been written by our staff and Pediatric Web regarding common childhood behavior issues.  For more in depth parenting advice, see the many websites and books recommended by our staff on our Behavior / Parenting page.

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Traveling with Young Children

Pack a special traveling bag that has books and activities that are available only for long car or airplane trips so that they are new to your child and hold his or her interest. Sometimes dividing the trip into segments and offering something different every few hours helps. Audio books or music also help pass the time. When children are older, guessing games like “I’m thinking of an animal” are fun. Make sure your children stay hydrated and have regular meals and snacks. Be sure to take breaks to get out of the car and stretch, run and play for a few minutes. Try to stick to a regular bedtime on your trip and bring along any necessary items (books, stuffed animal) to keep up with your child’s bedtime routine.

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