Picky Eaters

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These "Quick Parenting Tips" have been written by our staff and Pediatric Web regarding common childhood behavior issues.  For more in depth parenting advice, see the many websites and books recommended by our staff on our Behavior / Parenting page.

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Picky Eaters

As concerned parents, it's hard for us to not plead with our picky eater to "please eat one more bite". Yet, this approach often leads to frustration and resistance. Change your focus. Try offering a variety of foods on his or her plate at dinner each night. Studies show that even if he won’t eat these foods now, he is more likely to eat them later if he sees them on his plate frequently and sees other family members enjoying them. Instead of putting food on his plate in the quantity that you want him to eat, put just a few bites of each item on his plate. When he asks for more, give him more from a family platter. It's a wonderful opportunity to encourage rather than discourage!

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