Your Health as a Teen

Your Health as a Teen

Congratulations! You are on the path from childhood to adulthood and many things are changing in your life. Taking good care of your health and making smart choices are important in being able to enjoy your teenage years. The healthcare providers at APA want to be a resource for you if you have questions or worries along the way.  If you have questions, ask us.... We are here to help!

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Ask Us... About Your Health or Other Issues

Every teen has questions about his / her growth and development. We recommend that you talk to a trusted adult anytime you have questions about your health, or problems with school, friends, dating, bullying, peer pressure, or anything else you are worried about. Usually the best person to talk to is your Mom or Dad. Believe it or not, your parents were once teenagers themselves! But sometimes, depending on the situation, you may prefer to talk with a teacher, school counselor, coach, or your health care provider.

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Ask Us... About Confidential Issues

We respect your privacy when discussing confidential issues at health care visits. Starting at around age 13, we will begin asking you to complete a confidential questionnaire called "RAAPS" that asks you some pretty private questions. Please be honest when you fill it out. This questionnaire helps your health care provider understand important issues related to your health and safety, so we can provide you with appropriate medical care and advice. In addition, your provider will ask your parents to step out of the room for a portion of the well-care exam. This is to give you an opportunity to talk privately about some of the questions on the "RAAPS" form or to ask any other questions that you may not feel comfortable discussing in front of your parents. You should feel confident that your questions and concerns will be treated with confidentiality and privacy... and that you will get good advice from someone you can trust! If you would like to fill the "RAAPS" form out at home before your visit, you may download it below:

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Ask Us... To Make an Appointment or Talk to a Nurse

Our Patient Care Line is open from 7:30 am - 5 pm Monday - Friday, and 7:30 am - 11 am on Saturdays. If you want to schedule an appointment, select option 1. If you want to talk with a nurse, select option 2. All you need to do is call:


If you have an URGENT need, you can even call this number and speak with a nurse after our offices are closed -- 24 hours a day. For any life threatening emergency, always dial 911.

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We Are Here to Help...

With so many changes taking place in your body during your teen years, annual check-ups are more important than ever! These visits give you a complete physical examination, as well as the opportunity to discuss your development and any other issues or questions that you may have. Also, there are important vaccinations you will need to receive as a teen to protect yourself against dangerous diseases including Influenza, Tetanus, Diphtheria, Whooping Cough, Meningitis, Genital Warts and Cervical Cancer. Don't forget -- if you are playing high school sports, an annual physical exam is required by your school to participate each season.

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Our Special Services for Teens

Acne Evaluation and Treatment

Evaluation /Treatment / Referral for Eating Disorders

Diagnosis and Treatment for Painful / Irregular Periods

Birth Control and Emergency Contraception

Pregnancy Testing

Diagnosis / Treatment / Counseling for STDs

ADHD Evaluation and Treatment

Evaluation / Treatment / Referral for Anxiety and Depression

Evaluation / Treatment / Referral for Mental Health Concerns

Drug and Alcohol Testing and Referral

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What Are My Rights?

According to Colorado State law, you have the right to make decisions regarding your own medical care when you turn 18 years old. Before the age of 18, you must have your parent's consent (approval) in making medical decisions for yourself. However, there are some exceptions to this rule. If necessary, you may make medical decisions for yourself, without your parent's approval or knowledge, in the following cases:

  • To request birth control
  • To be tested / treated for sexually transmitted diseases
  • To be tested / treated for alcohol or drug addiction
  • To request evaluation / treatment for certain emotional or mental health issues

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Keeping Your Health Concerns Confidential

If you would like to confidentially discuss one of the issues listed above with our staff, you must tell our staff that you want to keep the discussion confidential. However, it is important for you to understand that if you use your parent's health insurance or credit card to pay for medical treatment -- your parents may find out when they receive insurance or billing information.

We believe that being open and honest with your parents regarding personal, social and health issues you may have is the best way to handle sensitive issues. However, we understand that there may sometimes be issues that you just don't feel comfortable in discussing with them. If this is the case, we want you to feel comfortable in discussing these concerns with our staff. Sometimes just talking it out may answer your questions or worries. Other times, we may recommend treatment for you. And sometimes, we can be there to discuss difficult issues together with you and your parents. We know that there are times when it is tough to be a teen, and we want to be there to help you make safe and healthy decisions for your future.

Our staff is dedicated to providing you with health care and advice when you need it. Ask Us... We Are Here to Help!!!

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