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Adolescent Health Care

Many families ask how long their children should see a pediatrician. Advanced Pediatrics recommends that adolescents continue to see our providers until they graduate from high school. In fact, college students may continue to be patients at Advanced Pediatrics until they reach 21 years of age to ensure continuity of care. Since many of our adolescent patients have been with Advanced Pediatrics since birth or early childhood, they have had the opportunity to establish a comfortable and trusting relationship with our providers. Studies show that this relationship often makes it easier for teens to discuss sensitive concerns with the pediatric health care providers they know and trust, than with new "adult" health care providers. By continuing care with this established "medical home," our providers help guide our adolescent patients as they pass through this bridge to adulthood. Advanced Pediatrics offers a number of services specifically designed for our adolescent patients. To learn more about Adolescent Health Care at Advanced Pediatrics, visit our Adolescent Health page.

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